MasterPlan; Providing Commercial Property Investors with Capital

Financial Capital is the lifeblood of the commercial real estate business and MasterPlan is in the business of providing capital. With all the financial resources of a top-tier commercial mortgage lender, the valuable banking network of a powerful commercial mortgage broker and the deal making ability of a sophisticated real estate investment bank, we are uniquely qualified to supply you with all the money you need. Whether you’re acquiring a new asset, pulling equity out of an existing building, expanding your commercial facility or beginning your next large scale development project, you can depend on MasterPlan Capital to come through with the financing you need.

Commercial Mortgage Lending

By far, the biggest part of our business is originating commercial mortgage loans, but MasterPlan Capital is much more than simply a commercial mortgage broker. As a direct lender with funding capacity counted in the hundreds of millions, we can lend as principle for our own account or, if a loan falls outside our parameters, we act as agent (broker / intermediary) to provide the very best rates and terms available through our comprehensive network of lending partners. From application to closing table, we work to make the process as efficient and stress free as possible. Our quick, one page, loan request makes it fast and easy to apply and all inquires receive prompt, courteous and professional consideration.

Equity Financing & Joint Ventures

Taking on a loan is usually much less expensive than taking on a partner. However, there are times when another investor out there has just the thing you need to move your project forward, be it cash, land or professional expertise. Every business day we talk to eager real estate investors that have money to put to work, and our in-box is likewise overflowing with requests for property and project funding. We're experts at matching money with high return real estate deals. When a mortgage loan is impractical or impossible MasterPlan can arrange equity financing or joint ventures for almost any viable deal.

Commercial Real Estate Investing

Commercial real estate offers unrivaled opportunities for exceptional total return and for high, sustainable, positive cash flow. MasterPlan concentrates its investment activity in four specialized areas; debt trading, hospitality, self-storage and private mortgage lending. We invest primarily for high current income but benefit greatly from appreciation over time.

Please Note: Our specialty investment companies offer outstanding income and total return potential but are open only to experienced investors with substantial financial means.

Nothing published on these web pages shall be construed as a commitment to make a loan or provide other financing. Financing, if offered and subsequently provided, is at the discretion of MasterPlan Capital L.L.C. according to our investment and lending criteria and our underwriting standards in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. MasterPlan Capital is not a depository institution or a Federally or State chartered banking institution. None of our products or services offer FDIC or other insurance or government guarantees or government affiliations. MasterPlan Capital L.L.C. does not originate end use consumer residential loans. MasterPlan, MasterPlan Capital, MasterPlan Capital L.L.C. the MasterPlan Capital L.L.C. logo & "Half a Million to Half a Billion" are trade marks and/or service marks of MasterPlan Capital L.L.C. Unauthorized use is prohibited.