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Structured Finance

MasterPlan Capital offers several attractive conventional and private mortgage solutions for the acquisition, refinance, rehabilitation, construction and development of commercial real estate. And when debt placement is not the answer, we can fund quality projects using one of our unique and innovative equity finance programs. The range of our product offerings and the depth of our financial resources allow us to consider almost any commercial property type.  You will find our rates and terms highly competitive and our service exemplary. 

Commercial Mortgage Lending - Institutional Funding (Conventional Loans)

We strongly believe that exceptional borrowers deserve exceptional loans. Our institutional lending platform rewards investors and property owners that have diligently maintained a good credit rating and payment history despite the challenges of modern real estate investing. These loans are fully underwritten and may require some documentation, but will prove well worth the effort for those who can qualify. Extremely competitive rates and highly flexible terms keep payments low and profit margins high. 
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Full or Stated
Property Types:
Income Producing Multifamily, Mixed-use, Light industrial, Retail, and Office (and more)
Loan Type:
Adjustable Rate (ARM), Fixed for 3,5,7,10 or 15, Amortized and due in 10, 15, 25 or 30
Loans to 75% of Value
Loans From $1,000,000.00 (virtually no maximum)
30 days (+/-)

Commercial Mortgage Lending - Private Funding (Often Called "Hard Money")

Not every good deal qualifies for conventional financing; there are 1000 ways to be turned away by the bank. Our “equity based” private lending platform is designed to provide the short term, interim financing that’s sometimes necessary in financial emergencies or, simply to get a deal closed on time. MasterPlan’s equity based loans are privately funded and avoid the time consuming red tape associated with conventional loans. Multi-million dollar loans can be closed in just a few days. Lending decisions are based primarily on the amount of equity in the collateral property not on an individual borrower’s credit history. Once called “hard money” private lending is now universally accepted as mainstream business and represents the fastest growing sector of real estate finance.
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Equity Based (not credit driven)
Property Types:
All Commercial Property, Land and Development
Loan Types:
6-36 Months Interest Only or Amortized
Loans to 65% of Value
Loans from $1,000,000.00 (virtually no maximum)
10 Days (+/-) 


Equity Financing & Joint Ventures

If borrowing proves impractical or impossible MasterPlan Capital can arrange equity financing or joint ventures for almost any viable project. Our firm is a clearing house for real estate investors with money to invest and clients seeking financing. As long as each party brings something to the table, mutually beneficially deals can be worked out.

Legal entities (generally L.L.C.s or trusts) are created to formalize the business relationship, hold the real estate and fund the deal. An intermediary, such as a trustee or a firm like MasterPlan Capital, manages the businesses. Each party must make a predetermined contribution to the project. (i.e. land, cash, or professional management) Each party is entitled to a predetermined profit/loss split throughout the life of the project. The party contributing financial capital will usually hold a mortgage against the property and may be entitled to a guaranteed internal rate of return prior to profit/loss distribution.
Minimum deal: $10,000,000.00 (virtually no maximum)
30-90 Days (+/-)


Asset Management

Opportunities abound in the world of commercial real estate. No other asset class offers more potential for incredible appreciation and tremendous income.

The cost of labor, materials and equipment have made new commercial construction a very, very expensive endeavor. For this reason the value of existing properties in growing and developed markets continues to rise at an unprecedented pace. Millions are being made in capital appreciation and, although no investment is without risk, MasterPlan Capital predicts this upward tend to continue.

The same economic pressures that are driving real estate prices so much higher are also pushing hotel room rates, residential rents (on apartment units) and lease rates (for commercial space) ever higher. Savvy investors are enjoying a high and growing monthly income while their principle is secured by valuable commercial real estate with great potential to appreciate.

MasterPlan Capital takes advantage of the growth and income opportunities in commercial real estate by investing in 4 distinct segments of the market; debt, hospitality, private mortgage lending and self-storage.

Debt Trading

MasterPlan Capital makes a market in commercial real estate trust deeds. We buy, sell and hold individual notes as-well-as portfolios of mortgages against commercial property. We may act as principle, or agent in any given transaction. The minimum note balance we will consider is $1,000,000.00. The price we bid for commercial mortgage paper will reflect our target yield range of 15-18+%

MasterPlan Hospitality Holdings L.L.C. (MPHH)

MPHH seeks to purchase, update and operate small (50-100 [+/-] room) hospitality properties in growing markets along the eastern seaboard and the gulf coast of Florida. Our target acquisition price range is $25,000.00-$40,000.00 per room. We are not prepared to take on major, top-to-bottom renovation projects but are willing to improve the value of our investments by “updating” properties. The budget for value added upgrades such as carpet, wall coverings, furniture, electronics (TV) and infrastructure (adding internet access) is $8,000.00 (+/-) per room. MPHH seeks revenue per available room between $69.00-99.00+ as well as substantial property value appreciation over time.

MasterPlan Mortgage Ventures L.L.C. (MPMV)

MPMV is a private commercial mortgage lender. As a direct lender, MPMV seeks to fund commercial mortgage loans on income producing properties and attractive land development projects. Our lending standards can be flexible but we are a “risk adverse” lender, meaning we adhere to our lending criteria and are aggressive in collection and recovery situations. MPMV offers only 1 mortgage platform; a 1st mortgage for 12 months with a 12.5% interest rate with an origination fee of 5 points. Borrowers who maintain a perfect 12 month payment history may renew for 1/8 of a point paid up-front or ¼ point added to the balance of the loan. This pricing allows MPMV to enjoy a (gross) annualized yield of more than 17.5%. Our LTV (loan-to-value) ratios remain conservative (around 60%) making our investment capital quite secure.

MasterPlan Storage Properties L.L.C. (MPSP)

Self-storage facilities cost roughly 50% less to build and manage than other income producing commercial assets such as office buildings or apartments, yet they generate about 90% of the rental income. Insurance costs and general liability are also significantly lower, and a storage facility is much easier to dismantle and dispose of if a higher, better use is found for the land. (no interior material, no basements, few utilities, no environmental hazards) For these and other profitable reasons, MPSP seeks to purchase and/or develop and operate self-storage facilities in the eastern US. We look for properties with highway or major road access in growing or developed markets. We will consider joint ventures with land owners who wish to maintain an equity interest in their real estate.

Please Note: Membership units in MPHH, MPSP & MPMV are not solicited, offered  or advertised to the general public. Nothing published on these web pages will be construed as an offer to invest, purchase membership units or otherwise participate in any investment. Membership units are made available on a case by case basis, at the sole discretion of MasterPlan Capital, the managing member, and only to experienced investors with substantial financial means. MasterPlan Capital reminds all investors; no investment is without risk.